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What is Masdar City?

I was able to volunteer at the Cleantech Forum 2010 in late February. There I became familiar with Masdar, the lead sponsor. Masdar is located in the heart of the global oil and gas industry, Abu Dhabi, but it’s all about renewable energy and sustainable technology. In short, their mission is to turn Abu Dhabi in to an international hub for renewable energy and support the development, commercialization and adoption of sustainable technologies. Their four integrated business units (Masdar Institute, Masdar Carbon, Masdar Power and Masdar City) are all cutting edge, but I’d like to focus on what they call the “physical embodiment of Masdar,” Masdar City.

The thought is to create a place for innovators and entrepreneurs to test energy science, city design, sustainable development and environmental architecture. The focus is not only on test and design, but also on making an alluring place to live and work. If your creating the city of the future and money is not an object(budgeted at $22 billion), why not reach for the sky? They have!

Masdar City will be powered by 100% renewables, it will be zero waste, zero carbon and it will have a sustainable water system. Transportation, materials, foods…all sustainable. They are going all out and the level of detail is amazing. From the orientation and width of the streets to the wind cones (shown in the Masdar Headquarters photo above) that naturally ventilate interior spaces to the retractable shades (shown below) covering City Plaza, nothing was overlooked.

Transportation is beneath the city, leaving the ground level open for pedestrians. The transportation system includes a light rail and a Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) system that a transports up to 4 adults to any PRT station at the touch of a button.

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology(MIST), developed in cooperation with MIT will be at the heart of the R&D in Masdar City. It will eventually be home to 600 master’s and PhD students, with over 100 faculty members. MasDar City with also be the home of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) headquarters and host operations for companies like GE and BASF.

They are currently in Phase One of seven, which focuses on MIST. This means that first residents will be students testing new technologies, while being test subjects themselves. I would encourage you to learn more about Masdar City.



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Super Bowl XLIV: Who will it be…Blue, Gold or GREEN?

In each industry, sustainability grows a little every year and professional football is no exception. This year’s Super Bowl is the Greenest so far and this is how they’re making it happen. NetEtra Energy Resources will be providing wind and solar energy for usage during the game. Any overages as well as the energy needed for preparation will be matched with RECs or Renewable Energy Certificates. Meanwhile, hundreds have been planted throughout Southern Florida for the last 6 years in connection with this year’s Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. This was done through partnership with the US Forest Service and the locations include schools, parks and playgrounds. Recycling will take place in various forms like traditional recycling and collecting and donating prepared food left over from the event. They will also be providing an opportunity, through Super Kids—Super Sharing, for kids to donate used books and sporting equipment for needy children.

Several companies are in on the action such as GE, Audi and Pepsi to name a few. GE is shelling out an estimated $100,000 per second to air its “Wizard of Oz”-themed ad. Its part of GE’s Ecomagination campaign to promote their smart grid technology. Audi is airing comical ads to promote its A3 DTI, which won car of the year from Green Car Journal. This one’s is funny. Finally Pepsi, money isn’t the only thing they’re saving by not advertising in this year’s lineup of multi-million dollar TV ads. Pepsi is rolling out their Energy-Efficient, HFC-Free Cooler

Now That's Cool

at the Super Bowl as well as other select places around Miami. These coolers use natural refrigerants, making harmful Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) far less prevalent. Best of all, they use less energy that a 100-watt light bulb and reduce greenhouse gases by 99%.

At this year’s Super Bowl party, where blue or gold, but make your party green. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE and have fun!


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