Keystone Oil Pipeline Report

                Today the State department came out with their recommendations on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. Unfortunately the State department did not clearly recommend a specific action. Rather, the state department came to the conclusion that the Keystone XL pipeline has a large environmental impact, but it may be the only way to efficiently and cheaply transport Canadian synthetic crude oil.

                The report stated that the crude oil that would be transported into the United States would have approximately 17% more green house gases than traditional crude that is exported into the United States.  The study also stated that the construction would generate enough carbon dioxide to equal 626,000 passenger vehicles operating for one year.  However, throughout the lifetime of the resource play it is expected that any other transportation method would result in more pollution. These solutions could be transporting the tar sands with trucks, train, or tankers.

                Environmental supporters state that the Keystone Pipeline could expose vast amounts of fertile and precious land to degradation and pollution. The state department reports that the Pipeline would possible expose large amounts of prime farmland, degrade streams, encroach on 13 protected species, and the pipeline is also susceptible to leaks and spills.

                The report also noted that the construction could bring about approximately 42,000 jobs as well as much needed income into states that are struggling financially. The benefits of creating the pipeline and exporting tar sands from Canada would lessen our reliance on oil from other countries who we do not consider as our allies.

                The Keystone Pipeline is a very controversial topic. Both the supporters of the pipeline and those who oppose the pipeline present very good arguments and it will be up to President Obama to approve the Pipeline. Regardless it is important that each side is heard and given their chance to voice their opinion.




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  1. Very well written summarization of the events that happened today regarding the Keystone Pipeline. I agree with you that it is quite difficult to definitively say that one is better than the other because both sides present compelling arguments. Even though I, myself, aspire to be an oil & gas man, I do have a certain respect and admiration for the environment and would hate to see a pipeline destroy some of the beauty. I don’t believe we need to tap into the Canadian crude oil quite yet when the shale revolution has just gotten underway in the United States. We have a surplus of natural gas reserves here domestically that we can use for the near future, not to mention natural gas is much cleaner burning than crude oil and better for the environment.
    However, in many states we are still awaiting regulation and policy to be put in place while the federal government decides how to regulate the hydraulic fracturing nationally.
    Eventually we will need to tap into those oil plays far up north but I think right now with our technological advancements in fracking we would be wise to do so and hopefully spurn the government to regulate it better.

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