All nuclear reactors in Japan has been switched off

Last Suturday, all 54 nuclear reactors in Japan has been switched off due to suspiciousness of safety issue.  Hot summer is approaching in Japan and the country is facing difficulty to supply electricity without power outage.  Many argue that the nation can get through the difficulty by saving electricity and operating additional thermal power plants.  However I think that is not the point.  According to Sankei News, Japanese utilities are spending more than $100 millions “each day” to procure fossil fuels.  Altough this is critical problem to Japanese economy, Sankei News was the only media that pressed this fact in Japan.  Furthermore, many Japanese companies and factories try to move out from the country due to energy shortage.  These issue would affect heavily on Japanese economy.

Importantly, Japanese energy self sufficiency is only 4%.  This is the main reason why the nation has been required to procure energy in well-balanced proportion.  Without nuclear, the nation need to rely too much on coal, gas and oil which tend to be expensive.  Moreover, political risk of blocking Strait of Hormuz closed to Iran would pressure the government.  Regarding renewable energy, there are still many barriers to overcome.  Their cost are still high and weak in dispatching electricity.  Also there are a few land to install wind or sollar in a good condition in Japan.  Overall, I strongly believe Japan needs nuclear.


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