On-site wind power generation

One of the main issues with wind power is sometimes the generation and the utilization happens in different places. Transmission increases the cost of electricity production and therefore decreases the benefits. Although transmission lines bring with them some local development.  Like the Wind Energy Transmission Texas states “We are committed to working closely with local communities, resulting in a direct economic development benefit to every county where we will operate.” [1]. Most of the times development of communities and cities happens around water, not power.

An alternative for transmission is on-site power generation. One company that is working on achieving this is Building Turbines, a start up from Austin, Texas. The technology is a horizontal wind turbine that uses a vortex effect created on the roof of buildings due to the parapet wall.

This wall is there for safety reasons and the vortex effect is so strong that developers avoid to position any object in that area such as AC units, solar panels, etc. So the turbine goes in a site that is otherwise is wasted space. The turbine consist of 3 blades setting  with 4 settings total.


The main aim for the technology is in commercial rooftop building in urban areas. The issue with horizontal wind turbines in general is that they can only take wind from one direction to work properly. An ideal location for this type of turbines is the coast.

This is just one example of on-site power generation. There are larger scales for larger building, another example is the Bahrian World Trade center that incorporates three lift wind turbines in order to generate power.


So in a summary on-site wind power generation is an example of a combination of renewable with sustainable. Building in the future will have to be self sustained. And maybe development will change instead of only aiming for water, also aim for possible self power generation.

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