The very first carbon-free city is planned to build in Middle East

Abu Dhabi is the capital, and also considered as the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates.  This city with an area of 67,340 square kilometer and a population of  860,000 (2008) is a T-shaped island spreading from the central western coast into the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi was stated as the richest city in the world in 2007 by Fortune, a  very famous global business magazine.

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As a part of United Arab Emirates, it is not a surprise that Abu Dhabi is one of the largest oil producers of the world. But the irony is that a carbon-free city is about to be built within this area in the next 5 to 10 years. The name “carbon-free city” means that this city will not be constructed by using any polluting technologies and fossil fuels .

The entire city is run by renewable energy such as solar and wind power, according to the designers, and cars will not be allowed in the city, meaning that you can only walk or take the underground transport system to travel throughout the city. At this point,  someone may question that how the inhabitants could stand the scorching heat since the city is built close the desert? Recognising this problem, the city’s designers decided to capture the heat from the sun to generate power for the city by using new solar technologies, including centralization devices.

The idea of building this kind of city deserves the appreciation from everybody, considering the fact that it is built in oil producing nation and the effort of reducing the CO2 emission.  However, the cost is estimated to be from $15 to $30 billion dollars and not any nation in the world can afford this cost.

Below is the video from Youtube with a general vision about this city.


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  1. slmullins

    Recently I travelled to Dubai, also in the United Arab Emirates, and this post peaked my interest. I decided to do some further research to learn a little more about the “carbon-free city” and where the project is in development. I found a few interesting tidbits that I thought were worth sharing.

    First of all, it seems as though Masdar, as it has been named, is really just a playground for the green technology engineers and architects. Their motto is “only use energy when you have exhausted design”. Also, as mentioned in the post, no cars will be allowed inside the city. Instead commuters will use public transportation as well as “driverless vehicles”. “These driverless vehicles are guided by magnetic sensors, powered by solar electricity, and they stop automatically if an obstacle appears. They are programmed to go where you ask”.1 I really like that while this concept seems very high tech using modern engineering and design; it also combines some traditional desert architecture. For instance, there will not be giant skyscrapers like in Dubai, but instead small structures like in the ancient Arab cities. Buildings will be placed strategically close together in order to provide more shade. I was also left wondering what sort of businesses will be located here. For instance, it might be odd for an oil and gas company to have an office there. Will they be “green” industries and businesses? I did not easily find any information on this though.

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