Im a poor student: Give me green for going green

So with all the fracas about green energy these days, I know the one question that all you students out there are asking.  How can I get my hands on some of these rebate dollars and take advantage of all the green stimulus are tax dollars are being pumped into.  Well , as this article points out Pennsylvania’s electrical utility companies have  put some rebate schemes in place but you better act fast as once the program funds are depleted the opportunity is gone. 

Below is a summary of the opportunities currently available. Mind you these are rebates available in Pennsylvania but please chime in with links if you know of similar opportunities in Texas.

1.Since Energy Companies in PA (PPL and First Energy) have been mandated with reducing energy usage they are offering customers who upgrade to energy-efficient appliances rebates.  $75 for an Energy Star Washer and $150 for a fridge – you can check the full list here.    The companies plan to spend $246 million on these rebates and have covered the cost by a $2 increase in the average residential bill. Sounds like consumers are paying for it regardless so better take advantage and upgrade.

2.  These same Energy utility companies are offering rebates funded by an $11 million grant the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus bill) that give customers who convert to non-electrical forms of heating (gas water heaters, boilers, and furnaces) rebates of between $200 and $500 depending on the equipment.

Attention blogosphere let us know if these type rebates are available in Texas.


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  1. rs32463

    Texas will give out federal stimulus funds to people who upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances starting this April. The rebate will apply to appliances such as:

    Room Air Conditioners
    Clothes Washers
    Central Air Conditioners
    Air-Source Heat Pumps
    Hot Water Heaters

    Rebate amounts per appliance are as follows: Energy Star refrigerator with a net rebate of $240, dishwashers will get a $110 rebate, and central air conditioners are eligible for up to a $1,000 rebate. For a full list of appliances visit or contact the energy star hotline at or 1.888.STAR.YES (1.888.782.7937).

    You first have to reserve your rebate beginning Wednesday April 7th, 2010. The rebate website and phone lines open at 5 am. Once you have reserved your rebate you will have to purchase your appliance within a specified window of time. The earliest you can begin to purchase your appliance is by April 16th. Also your appliance must be bought in Texas and you have to show proof that you got rid of the old appliance. You can either recylce it yourself through certain local programs, or have your retailer discard it for you. If residents recylce the appliance themselves, they qualify for an additional $75 recycling rebate. For a list of local recylers and more information visit

    The opportunity is a part of the Texas Appliance Rebate Program, which was set up in response to the nearly $300 million dollars set aside in last year’s federal stimulus package for appliance rebates, and is much like cash for clunkers. The state of Texas recently received approximately $23 million dollars from the US Government to begin an Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate program. Therefore the program budget is $23 million so if interested apply for your rebate asap before the money runs out!

    To register for your rebate vistit or call 1-877-780-3039

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